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Have you seen the new "ad" for Motrin?


This week (12th - 18th) is International Baby Wearing Week, if you didn't know!

Just so happen..........  Motrin put out a new ad recently, dissing babywearing moms!!  Am I kidding you?  No!  Go look for yourself www.motrin.com

In an uneducated effort to sell their product, Motrin pretty much calls babywearing a "new trend" and talks about all of the aches and pains associated with wearing your baby.


Anyway, this was my comment to Motrin:

Considering that babywearing has been around for many, many centuries before the idea of "Motrin" was even conceived, my family, friends, and I find your latest ad mocking our lifestyle to be extremely nonfactual as well as highly misguided.  We hope, in the future, your advertising team actually does research before sending out such an uneducated publication such as the anti-babywearing ad you've so horribly missed the mark on.  Ironically, those of us who babywear correctly either do not use your product or have no need for you products, because TRUE and correct babywearing does not warrant the need for your pain relieving methods.  If anything, it's ads like this that cause us to sip on our chamomile tea and use warm lavender compresses to relieve the headaches you've provided.  This ad was extremely counterproductive for Motrin, and it goes to show that the attachment parenting community is actually making the right choices for our babies and our families by practicing babywearing, using natural and homeopathic remedies for our ailments rather than your products, as well as educating the world on how to correctly wear our children.  Your efforts to ride on the coat tails of International Babywearing Week 2008 have failed tremendously.

If you'd like to leave a comment, you may do so via their form - https://www.motrin.com/page.jhtml?id...nclude/4_0.inc


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Nov. 16th, 2008 11:50 pm (UTC)
Phenomenally STUPID.
That surely got my panties all wadded up. I made sure to get my two cents in.
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