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***We walked 1.2 miles last night!!***

We had a REALLY good time Trick or Treating last night!  It was so good to park the car at the school and just walk and walk and walk until we made it back to the car.  I think it was the perfect evening! 

We had a great little system (remembered the stroller), and the kids loved it.  We went to a really well lit, festive, neighborhood.  One house had a HUGE speaker outside blaring freaky music and sounds. 

It was really cool  WE wanted to hang around that house the whole time..  When the lady opened the door, she had the SMALLEST precious baby!  Fun family!  :)

For Kylie
I ended up using a sari skirt and some left over crushed panne - voila! A gypsy. She loved it. Had a great time, and thought it was BRILLIANT! Thanks for your tie help Lin, although, I'm not sure I did it quite right HAHA!

For Braxton
He decided he wanted to be Diego. So.... I did a vest out of a tshirt, and he didn't think it was the right color.. So, I slapped together a crummy vest out of some flannel I had, printed out a Animal Rescue Diego Patch onto sticky label paper, and slapped it on! HAAH! At the last minute, Andy grabbed the monkey out of the toybox! Perfect.

Hawk wouldn't be still enough to get a picture, but we got this one from Carter's a couple of weeks ago, so he was already good to go!

This is pretty much how it was with Hawk, so we had to do a stroller! HAHA!

They had a good time!
Braxton put more emphasis on the "Or" than "trick" or "treat".

Trick OR Treat

Kylie counted 397 pieces of candy between her bag and Hawk's.. and we left Braxton's in the car, so we haven't counted his yet!  :)

Brax fell asleep last night after we got home, and we woke up this morning asking for treats!

"Mommy can we eat Treats?  I didn't get to have any last night, so I need some today, first. Baby, we can eat some treats, but not all of them, because we'll get sick, sick, sick!"