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Our visit with Santa!

Merry Christmas EVERYONE!

The boys ran right up to Santa!  :)

Mr. Man interested in the train!

Jump Braxton!

Kylie had a special wish!

Don't look so excited! 

Brax just wants the train!

A little better...  Can we see the fish now?

And Hawk.... thought the tree skirt was for sleeping!

Love it! :)


Have you seen the new "ad" for Motrin?


This week (12th - 18th) is International Baby Wearing Week, if you didn't know!

Just so happen..........  Motrin put out a new ad recently, dissing babywearing moms!!  Am I kidding you?  No!  Go look for yourself www.motrin.com

In an uneducated effort to sell their product, Motrin pretty much calls babywearing a "new trend" and talks about all of the aches and pains associated with wearing your baby.


Anyway, this was my comment to Motrin:

Considering that babywearing has been around for many, many centuries before the idea of "Motrin" was even conceived, my family, friends, and I find your latest ad mocking our lifestyle to be extremely nonfactual as well as highly misguided.  We hope, in the future, your advertising team actually does research before sending out such an uneducated publication such as the anti-babywearing ad you've so horribly missed the mark on.  Ironically, those of us who babywear correctly either do not use your product or have no need for you products, because TRUE and correct babywearing does not warrant the need for your pain relieving methods.  If anything, it's ads like this that cause us to sip on our chamomile tea and use warm lavender compresses to relieve the headaches you've provided.  This ad was extremely counterproductive for Motrin, and it goes to show that the attachment parenting community is actually making the right choices for our babies and our families by practicing babywearing, using natural and homeopathic remedies for our ailments rather than your products, as well as educating the world on how to correctly wear our children.  Your efforts to ride on the coat tails of International Babywearing Week 2008 have failed tremendously.

If you'd like to leave a comment, you may do so via their form - https://www.motrin.com/page.jhtml?id...nclude/4_0.inc

Kylie's new dollhouse!

Who needs Santa when you've got the imagination of a 9 year old.

She even used my scrap fabrics and made her own doll clothes complete with baby carriers and cloth diapers! :) Go Kylie!

It's a double decker!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

It's got all kinds of stuff going on! 

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Those clothes are made from Crushed Panne and Minkee!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

That's supposed to be the "Baby". It's a tiny doll!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The key fob is actually a swing for the babies.  Hannah Montana there is sporting a crushed panne dress and sling!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

That's the dogs room, complete with doggy door, food, and water bowls.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

International Babywearing Week The inaugural celebration of International Babywearing Week will be held November 12-18, 2008 with the theme "Celebrate Babywearing." International Babywearing Week 2008 is jointly presented by the non-profit organization Babywearing International Inc. and the premiere online resource for babywearing information, TheBabywearer.com.
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There really was no "win" situation, but I'd have preferred the lesser of two evils.
(not that anyone's reading this, but I just had to say it anyway!)

***We walked 1.2 miles last night!!***

We had a REALLY good time Trick or Treating last night!  It was so good to park the car at the school and just walk and walk and walk until we made it back to the car.  I think it was the perfect evening! 

We had a great little system (remembered the stroller), and the kids loved it.  We went to a really well lit, festive, neighborhood.  One house had a HUGE speaker outside blaring freaky music and sounds. 

It was really cool  WE wanted to hang around that house the whole time..  When the lady opened the door, she had the SMALLEST precious baby!  Fun family!  :)

For Kylie
I ended up using a sari skirt and some left over crushed panne - voila! A gypsy. She loved it. Had a great time, and thought it was BRILLIANT! Thanks for your tie help Lin, although, I'm not sure I did it quite right HAHA!

For Braxton
He decided he wanted to be Diego. So.... I did a vest out of a tshirt, and he didn't think it was the right color.. So, I slapped together a crummy vest out of some flannel I had, printed out a Animal Rescue Diego Patch onto sticky label paper, and slapped it on! HAAH! At the last minute, Andy grabbed the monkey out of the toybox! Perfect.

Hawk wouldn't be still enough to get a picture, but we got this one from Carter's a couple of weeks ago, so he was already good to go!

This is pretty much how it was with Hawk, so we had to do a stroller! HAHA!

They had a good time!
Braxton put more emphasis on the "Or" than "trick" or "treat".

Trick OR Treat

Kylie counted 397 pieces of candy between her bag and Hawk's.. and we left Braxton's in the car, so we haven't counted his yet!  :)

Brax fell asleep last night after we got home, and we woke up this morning asking for treats!

"Mommy can we eat Treats?  I didn't get to have any last night, so I need some today, first. Baby, we can eat some treats, but not all of them, because we'll get sick, sick, sick!"

Complete with Telephone!

The boys made a club house.  They did this on their own!